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Broadband Isps

I have set up broadband for many people over the years. In that time I have built up a wide knowledge of good and bad broadband suppliers and what kinds of things to look out for, and be aware of, when first getting broadband.

Some useful things to look for and find out about include:
What speed are you likely to get?

Does it include free weekend phone calls or anytime calls?

How much monthly download allowance will you get? Please note: Unlimited does not normally really mean unlimited at

all. Using sites like the BBC Iplayer can really eat up your monthly allowance.

Do you get a free wireless router?

Does it have a good help or after sales department in the UK?

Does it come with free web space should you wish to setup your own website?

What is the length of your contract?

Is there a cooling off time if you’re not happy with the service?

Does it have a good email service?

Does it have webmail so you can get your email from any PC?

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