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Buying Advice

I can give you good buying advice on a new system or other hardware, software etc.

Once you have delivery of your new system I can configure it and set it up properly for you. I see lots of PCs that are just not configured correctly and therefore donít work to their full capacity.

I can advise on good places to buy your PC and I have a good knowledge of tried and tested firms which have the best after sales services.

I can also advise on what is and isnít good hardware to buy. There are many, many different types and models of hardware available nowadays. I can help you choose the right type of Printer, Scanner, Monitor, Wifi boxes, Usb storage drives, Desktop or Laptop PCs for your particular needs. Having used and setup hundreds of different makes and models for my customers in the past, I can find and recommend the one most suitable for you.

I can also advise on the best places to get compatible Ink for your printer, dependent on the type and model. Manufacturers own ink can be very expensive and very often compatibles do just as good a job. One customer I know was paying about £85 a time for one new set of cartridges. Ouch!

And lastly, the most important thing to buy is a good external usb storage drive, some which you can set and forget about and all your data is backed up automatically for you. I can offer you recommendations, again, geared towards your particular needs.

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