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Data Backup

I tell customer's when Iím working at their computer that their machine is of no importance but the data they have stored on it is. Photos in particular, documents, music and video files are all very important. Itís a lot to lose and I have seen people near to tears when they are told it's all been lost.

You can get a new PC quite easily but all the data and photos that youíve gathered, sometimes over many years, can sometimes be impossible to get back if your hard drive fails completely.

I myself, have lots of music and about 50,000 photos which I most definately would not want to lose. I make sure that my data is all backed up twice.

I can show you how to do your own backup and youíll quickly realise itís not that hard to do. Storage devices today are pretty cheapÖ things like dvds, memory sticks, and external hard drives are all easily found and reasonably priced.
Even online storage is widely available and can be useful. You can get free storage for small amounts though larger amounts of storage will probably have to be paid for. Online backup is good for small amounts of data but far too slow for larger amounts unless you have a very fast broadband service. Unfortunately we donít have that luxury yet, up here in the Highlands!

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