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Health Issues

You have to be careful not get into bad habits when using your computer. Things such as having your monitor too low can cause neck pains and long term problems. I know from past experience.

A good mouse mat with a wrist rest is essential….the silicone types are the best. (see pictures below). A lap stand will bring your laptop to a better level with your eyes and also keep it running cooler. Typing will be much easier using one of these. Avoid having the light or a window behind you and you will be able to see your screen much better. Make sure you have a good clear screen to avoid eyestrain over time. Very important is comfortable seating with good back support. I’d also recommend a chair you can alter the height of so you’re sitting at the correct height.

If you’re having problems with any of the above, do something about it now. Computers can be repaired but it is more difficult getting people sorted out once you start getting pains due to poor posture and bad habits. Customers say to me from time to time that their wrists, back or neck are fine. Well, we are all getting older and our bodies won’t always be fine so please look after them now!

Your computer's health is also important. Laptops in particular should never be used by having it on a soft surface. Sitting it on your bed on the duvet for example can block the cooling slots and cause it to overheat.

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