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I can do most types of repairs. I have listed some common kinds of repairs below.


NEW POWER SUPPLIES. They just die from time to time and if I have one in stock it's a quick repair.

REPAIRING DVD / CD PLAYERS/ RECORDERS. These items quite often have problems but also can be repaired quickly if I have a new drive or parts in stock.

MEMORY UPGRADES. If your machine is running slow, upgrading your memory can speed up a machine by quite a lot.

LAPTOP KEYBOARD REPAIRS. Lost keys are the usual problem on keyboards but it is quite often a better long term solution to just replace the whole keyboard completely. This is assuming that the one for your particular model is not too expensive.

DAMAGED POWER SOCKETS. Damaged power sockets on laptops are better sent away to my specialist company. This can end up being expensive so try to be very careful with the power adaptor. Make sure you donít walk away with it still plugged in. I see laptop power sockets damaged nearly every week.

If your desktop keyboard is faulty or playing up, it can be just get as easy to get a new one. You can also plug a full size keyboard into a laptop if youíre worried about children getting the laptop messed up with sticky fingers etc. It is always best to avoid food and drink whilst on the computer.

Some people prefer to use a full sized keyboard anyway as laptop keyboards can be a bit small.

Newer PCs tend to have the usb type plug for keyboards, especially Dell PCs. They now have all usb ports on the back.

I donít usually keep a lot of stock in due to the all the different kinds of systems available but I can usually get just about any parts required within a few days.

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