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Security today is EXTREMELY important when you’re on the internet. You can never be too careful. There are so many scam websites, virus infections, spyware and malware out there that you really must have your computer system VERY SECURE. If not you will pay the price sooner or later.

A virus can erase your data completely or lock out your files so that you will have to pay the culprit to get your data unlocked. They can get your bank card details and it doesn’t bear thinking about what they can do with those.

The best approach is not to get caught out in the first place.

I had one customer who let her Anti Virus run out and a few months later she lost a lot of her business data through getting a virus in her PC. I managed to get some of her data back and got her business going again but it was a costly and worrying time for her and her business.

It just takes a second to be infected with a virus, spyware or Malware. Even if you don’t hang about on the page simply clicking on the page in the first place is enough to do the damage. It really is that quick if your computer is not fully protected.

Emails can contain spyware / malware and viruses as well. Even photo images can be infected. Best rule to follow is if you’re not sure who it is from it’s just safer to delete it.

Hackers can install programs called key loggers which can send out everything you type, including credit/debit card details, to anyone in the world. You will not know anything about it until your bank statement comes in or your bank calls you with the bad news. You have to be especially secure with online shopping and banking.

Even if you are fully protected you might still get infected, So prevention is better than a cure as it can take a lot of time to clean a PC off a virus or spyware. If you’re not protected at all you WILL get caught out sooner or later.

Opening links which people send you from Facebook and similar sites can be a virus. It's not Facebook’s fault… It's just people who send on links and they have not fully checked them out and that they are safe to send..

Child safety is vital if your children use the internet. You have to be very careful, especially if they have their own PC. They might end up on pages they should not be on by accident or on purpose… Specific software can be installed to help make their internet browsing experience much safer. I can advise on which software to buy.

There are also many scams going around where someone will phone you up saying they are from Microsoft or another legitimate sounding company. They will tell you your PC has problems and ask you to look in your system folders on your PC. They then go on to say that if the files in the folders are those that they mentioned beforehand, then your system is infected. Of course, the files are there, but most people are unaware that they are just the normal files that operate Windows anyway and they should be there.

They are not infected files. It’s just a scam to get you to pay up…. Just hang up or report them immediately to BT.

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