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The first thing I do when I service your desktop is to clean out all the internal cooling fans and processor fan in particular. The processor fan is the most important one and needs to be to be running smooth and clean.

The processor fan can cause overheating and slow down if it is full of fluff and dust and that can eventually lead to failure of the processor completely. If this happens, it can be very expensive to repair and quite often ends up too costly to do at all.

I was given a PC that had been put into one of the big PC stores for a service. The customer had been charged 60 for a basic service. They did not even clean out the fans. A couple of weeks later their machine failed completely. They brought it to me, and when I opened the case, I saw that the processor fan was well and truly clogged up and had seized, causing the main processor to overheat and sustain fatal damage. It was not worth repairing and the people had to buy a new machine.

Here is a list of everything I will install on a machine. Each one is different and how many items will actually be installed on your machine will be dependent on the type and model. I always supply a final list of work done.

A full service will consist of all or some of the items below:
Photo Albums Software
Windows Media Player 11 Installed/Updated
Internet Explorer Browser 8 or 9 Installed/Updated
Firefox Browser Installed/Updated
Google Chrome Browser Installed/Updated
ITunes Installed/Updated
Anti Key logging Software
Cleanup Software
Skype Installed/Updated
Adobe Reader Installed/Updated
Flash Installed/Updated
Java Installed/Updated
Anti Spyware Software
An Extra Spyware Cleaner Blocker
Defragment Hard Drive
Windows Updates Done
Latest Window's Service Pack Installed
Music Store Program for a large amount of free music
PC Decrapifier Clean out all the rubbish you get on a new machine
All your data backed up
Real Player Installed/Updated
CD/DVD Burning Software
Scan Hard drive for errors
Internal fans cleaned and unclogged

When I service a PC I make a thorough and proper job of it.

The fans in most computers desktops and laptop can get really clogged up with dust.

This can lead to total failure due to everheating And at a minimum loss of performance.

On every computer I service I clean out all the fans before i do anthing.

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