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Website Design

I am not a website designer but I am very capable of setting up a website for you should you require one. I have set up many sites for customers and have, myself, been running the Brora Website for over 20 years now. Itís not overly fancy but it is a good, informative site and gets the message across to the many locals and travellers alike who use it.

My motto is keep it simple.

I can offer you advice on purchasing a website name (domain) or help you with ideas for names for your site. I can recommend good sites to register your domain with, ones I use myself, so I know whatís good and not so good about them.

I can suggest software you can use for your website and also a good hosting company for your web space (space where your website lives).

I can show you how to post your website to the search engines such as Google etc. If you donít tell the internet you have a website how will it know?

I can recomend a guestbook for visitors to your website to sign, should your website require one.

I can show you how to incorporate photo albums into your website or add links to good photo sharing sites.

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